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    The SMS Classic Tube Preamp has become a popular favorite in our line of vacuum tube instrument preamplifiers. It is ultra simple and pure with just the essentials; gain, EQ, and reverb. The circuit is a highly upgraded version of the most famous of the all-tube "reverb" amplifier preamps from the '60s and '70s. The sound is flexible and familiar yet with an added degree of detail, dimension, and expression not found in the vintage originals.

    As with all of our products, we continue to maintain our constant commitment to quality and attention to detail with the SMS Classic Tube Preamp. Combining a sturdy, lightweight, single rack-space aluminum chassis, with only the finest boutique quality signal path components, the SMS Classic Tube Preamp will provide an undeniable pristine, clean, warm and sweet tone. Whether you play pedal steel guitar, bass, electric guitar, or even electric piano, this preamp is the finest tool for the job.

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    SMS Classic - JG Version

    For nearly all of his career, Jerry Garcia used the all-tube preamp section of a '60s Fender Twin Reverb amp as his main tool for gain and tone shaping. Of course, along with high precision quality component upgrades made to his personal amps to ensure extremely clean, reliable, and low noise operation, his rig also had a number of key components that helped achieve "his" tone.

    From the guitars themselves, the choice of pickups, along with on-board guitar buffer amps, to the 12" JBL's, the heavy picks, the McIntosh power amplifiers, and most importantly, his personal touch, with only a couple of minor exceptions, one virtually constant factor in his rig was the Twin Reverb preamplifier.

    Our JG version of the SMS Classic preamp is only slightly modified from our standard guitar & pedal steel version.  In addition to the ultra pure circuit, it includes a few component changes that to the best of our knowledge and our ears help to make this preamp deliver that elusive sound as closely as possible.

    SMS Reviews coming soon!
    Al Brisco
    Austin Stewart
    Bruce Bouton
    Dan Galysh
    Dave Casper
    Dylan Carney
    Edwin Hurwitz
    Jan Jonsson
    Jeff Mattson
    Jerry Newberry
    Kevin Hopper
    Matt Hartle
    Melvin Seals
    Paul Kogut
    Randy Beavers
    Scott Walker
    Steve Kimock
    Stu Allen
    TC Furlong
    Tracy Lowe
    Trey Anastasio... and many more!
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