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The Earth Drive is the ultimate boost/overdrive pedal, designed to retain your instrument's natural character while providing an organic, full-bodied, yet transparent sound. Use the Earth Drive as a clean boost to add warmth and smoothing, or turn up the drive knob and get a wide spectrum of overdrive harmonics and singing sustain. The Earth Drive has a huge range of boost control with its volume knob, while the tone knob helps you perfectly dial in the treble response. Whether you play bass, pedal-steel, electric piano, electric guitar, organ, whatever, the Earth Drive is quite possibly the most useful and versatile drive pedal you've ever heard.

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PEDAL STEEL GUITAR: Audio by Randy Beavers
"I’m not a Fuzz guy, I’m an Overdrive guy and always looking for the warmest, creamiest OD I can find, and the Earth Drive has been so great... I’ve paired down my pedal rig for this band, only using about 4 boxes—and the Earth Drive is my main overdrive, I use it a lot. It’s all over the record...!!"
Lee Renaldo
"Sweet!  plugged it in between active Goodrich pedal and PodXT... it's the only OD that has been even useful ahead of the Pod.  Really nice."
Dean Parks
“The Earth Drive is the most amp-like OD Pedal I have heard in ages, and what really distinguishes itself to me is the useful range of the tone & gain pots, as well as the character of the sustain –it just feels so “real”."
Noel Blair
"After buying the Earth Drive sight-unseen I am absolutely in love with it and sold a few other overdrive pedals because they don't even make sense to me anymore."
Erik Wolfe
  • Al Brisco
    Andrew Bird
    Andy Summers
    Barry Sless
    Brenden Bayliss
    Bob Hoffnar
    Bruce Bouton
    Bryce Dessner
    Carl Broemel
    Charlie Sexton
    Dan Tyack
    Darrell Scott
    David Gans
    Dean Parks
    Doug Pettibone
  • Edwin Hurwitz
    Eric Heywood
    Gary Hunt
    Gawain Matthews
    Gil Divine
    Jake Cinninger
    James McNew
    Jan Jonsson
    Jay Farrar
    Jeff Mattson
    Jeff Tweedy
    Jeremy Ylvisaker
    Jimmy Herring
    Jimmy Vivino
    John Horton
  • John Stirratt
    Lee Ranaldo
    Linda Taylor
    Liz Lawrence
    Lonnie Bennett
    Nels Cline
    Pat Sansone
    Peter Mayer
    Richard Thompson
    Rob Stirner
    Scott Devendorf
    Steve Kimock
    Tim Sergent.. and many more!