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The FreeLoader is both a buffer and a tone control designed for pedal steel guitar. It clips on the leg of the steel guitar and is the very first electronic device the pickup sees. The internal 9v battery powers a very simple circuit using the highest grade audio components that help capture a clear, clean, and sweet tone from the pickup.

In addition to this buffer circuitry the FreeLoader includes a tone-control knob based on the electronic principle of “loading” or “impedance loading”. This type of tone control actually uses the pickup itself as part of the circuit. The result is extremely musical and natural sounding, allowing you to dial in a crisp, clear, bright tone or a dark, fat, mellow tone, and everything in between.

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Loading is the amount of resistance or "impedance" that follows a pickup. Since a pickup is a coil of wire (an inductor), that means that the tonal response of the pickup itself with change simply by varying the "load" that the pickup sees. This is a very pure and simple way to take control of the pickup's natural and inherent tonal characteristics without having to use an electronic "tone" circuit. The FreeLoader lets the pickup itself take part in the tone shaping. This allows the FreeLoader's buffer circuitry to be extremely minimal and clean.
Yes, the FreeLoader has a 9V battery inside. The circuit inside is run by just one single discrete transistor, no opamps. The nature of this design is extremely power-efficient, so you can expect hundreds of hours of battery life from a single alkaline 9V battery.
Yes, the FreeLoader takes the guitar's signal, lets you adjust the "load" on the pickup to perfectly tailor the tonal response you want, and then it actively drives that signal and lowers the impedance so you can easily drive many feet of cable and pedals without tonal loss.
Yes, the FreeLoader works perfectly well with any type of volume pedal you prefer to use.
"Working at the root level of the pickup's own personality, the Freeloader is a great tone-shaper... blend in, or cut through, Freeloader is a great tool.!"
Dean Parks
"Well, just for grins, I plugged in my Freeloader to see what it sounded like with the single coil pickups. Wow! It gave the sound a very convincing tube like quality. Smoothing the highs and still keeping the punch on the lows. The Freeloader really sounds great with single coil pickups, in case anyone should ask. It is an amazing little device"
Tommy White
"I love them! I'm gonna need another freeloader for my studio rig. Thanks again for the creating amazing gear!!"
Doug Pettibone
"I put the freeloader in front of my electric guitar set up and it definitely improved the clarity and reduced the shrillness that sometimes happens when im using lots of overdrive."
Carl Broemel
"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Freeloader and Earth drive pedals. they sound great, i couldn't be happier with my tone"
Karen Sarkisian
  • Al Brisco
    Buck Reid
    Carl Broemel
    Dean Parks
    Doug Pettibone
    Eric Heywood
    Karen Sarkisian
    Greg Leisz
    Jim Palenscar
    Mike Johnson
    Paul Franklin
    Randy Beavers
    TC Furlong
    Tommy White... and many more!

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