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    The Revelation Tube Preamp™ is the ultimate all-tube musical instrument preamplifier designed for steel guitar, bass, electric guitar, or just about any application where pristine-clean, high-headroom vacuum tube tone, widely flexible passive EQ, buffering, effects routing, and stereo outputs are desired. With the incorporation of our "Steel Guitar Black Box" circuit with it's variable impedance ("Vari-Z™") pickup loading tone control, the sweepable midrange (Color) control, the bright/normal/dark switch, the stereo-parallel effects loop, carefully selected audiophile signal and tone capacitors, non-magnetic metal film resistors, boutique carbon film resistors, and carbon comp resistors in ideal locations, humless DC heater supply, and an all-tube signal path, you'll find a tonal flexibility and purity unlike any preamplifier you've heard before. The Rev preamp is entirely hand built in the USA utilizing a hybrid construction method that combines the best of both point-to-point hand wiring and high quality, oxygen free copper, thick-track printed circuit technology. 

    $895 plus shipping & handling

    Stereo XLR Outputs - $100
    3-Wire Cable Harness - $45

    • All tube signal path from input to output
    • Variable Impedance input for tailoring pickup response
    • Tuner Send (pre Volume pedal loop for silent tuning)
    • Instrument level send/return loop for Volume and/or FX pedals
    • 4-band EQ with "Color" control for sweepable midrange dip
    • Bright/Dark switch for tailoring ultra high frequencies
    • Parallel Stereo FX returns - line level loop on rear
    • True Stereo outputs
    • 1/4" unbalanced (* OPTIONAL - transformer balanced XLR outputs)
    High quality audio capacitors throughout the audio path
    Audiophile non-magnetic metal film, carbon film and carbon comp resistors throughout
    • Rugged, powdercoat 2RU chassis
    • Extensive point-to-point handwiring - vintage solid core cloth wire
    • Aux input for your laptop, POD, CD player, iPod, etc.
    • Cool blue pilot light!
    • OPTIONAL 3-wire Cable Harness

    "MAN, what a difference it makes in tone. The quality of material and workmanship is unsurpassed. This pre-amp is truly a REVELATION. It has headroom for days, is quiet, powerful, and sounds awesome. If anyone questions if "it's worth it", the answer is ABSOLUTELY!!"
    Randy Blackwell
    "It is, hands down, the most gratifying piece of music gear I've ever bought."
    Bill Miller
    "I've been playing now for 40+ years. During this time, there were only a few years when I did not play with tubes in my sound. Today with the "Revelation Tube Preamp" and the super clean power amps, I feel like I get a tone that was never possible with the "vintage" gear. The "Revelation Tube Preamp" is a timeless piece of gear that will become the new classic. This piece of gear is not something that will be replaced when a new "fad" comes along. In my opinion, it is already a classic."
    Randy Beavers
    "This thing is AWESOME!!!!! The tone gave me chills and you couldn't wipe the grin off my face. So if you're looking for the ultimate steel tone, this Revelation is and will be the end of your search."
    Michael Hartz
    "The Revelation sounds outrageous!"
    Jay Ganz
    Al Brisco
    Ari Zucker
    Austin Stewart
    Bruce Kaphan
    Buddy Emmons
    Charlie Shapiro
    Dean Parks
    Jean-Marie Raffault
    Jerry Newberry
    John Neff
    Jordan Berliant
    Josh Bertrand
    Len Amaral
    Michel Rose
    Randy Beavers
    Rex Wiseman
    Robby Springfield
    Scott Walker
    TC Furlond... and many more!
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