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The SMS Solar Flare is a straight-ahead, 100% analog, hard-clipping distortion pedal inspired by the classics of the ‘70s but fused with a modern voicing approach that helps bring out a more rich and warm tone quality. The Solar Flare will cover a wide range of distortion tones from barely dirty to outright sizzling sustain for days. Three simple controls make it very easy to find the sound you’re after; volume, tone, and drive.

The Solar Flare generates a sweet, singing, sustaining, ear-candy sound that will be right at home whether it’s a guitar solo or rich, textured chording. The Solar Flare also helps to keep pick attack and articulation up front and clearly defined. It also plays very well with other pedals.

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Solar Flare audio / video samples.

  • David “Tritone” Anderson
    Alexander Chafin
    Gabe Doiron
    Timothy Halpin - Funky Butt Brass Band
    Brian Henneman - Bottle Rockets
    John Horton - Bottle Rockets
    Paul Kogut
    Jeff Mattson - Dark Star Orchestra
    Tracy Lowe
    Pete McAvity
    Kevin McDermott - CaveofswordS
    Dean Parks
    Mikey Wheling

    Many more to be announced soon…