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    The finest universal all-tube buffer
    for amplified musical instruments!

    The SGBB is a true, audiophile quality, vacuum tube pickup driver (buffer/impedance matcher) especially designed for enhancing the tone of magnetic or piezoelectric musical instrument pickups. Originally developed for use with pedal steel guitar, the Black Box is equally effective at breathing life into and enhancing the tone of upright or electric bass, electric or acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, Rhodes or Wurlitzer electric piano, synths and keyboards, drum machines, lap steel guitar, studio mix tracks, and more.

    The Black Box's output will easily drive just about any device without subjecting your sound to tone-killing capacitive loads or inadequate input circuits as found in many effect units. The Black Box generates a warm, sweet and musical smoothness that you just can't achieve with the use of transistors or digital modeling devices. It lets your guitar "think" it's plugged directly into the finest tube amplifier and still allows the use of many effect pedals and devices after it.

    When used with acoustic pickups, the Black Box does an amazing job of taming that typical hard, brittle, crispy high end, and turns the treble into something much more natural, sweet, and musical. It also works wonders on that frustrating midrange often experienced with acoustic pickups, and makes it far less necessary to resort to heavy and complex EQ notches and filters to get the right sound. The end result is an acoustic instrument that sounds much more like wood and strings, and a lot less like a pickup.

    plus shipping & handling

    • Audiophile carbon film plate resistors and Dale/Vishay metal film resistors for the finest tone
    • Hand rolled film/foil audio capacitors
    • Rugged, thick-trace, oxygen-free-copper, double-sided circuit board
    • 300V B+, triple filtered power supply
    • Quiet DC heater supply
    • Variable input impedance - 33kΩ to 1MegΩ
    • Tuner output for silent tuning
    • Lower profile chassis (can now be rack mounted in a single rack space)
    • No wall wart
    • Cool blue LED pilot light
    "Love the box, I'm using them both in the rig. One before the effects, one to get a feed out of the second input on my Fender amp du jour to wrap the reverb around. Works great."
    Steve Kimock
    "I'm loving your Black Box. It's making my guitars explosive."
    Bob Weir
    "WOW! What an incredible difference and improvement to my tone. The Black Box smoothed out my tone while giving it more depth and a bigger dimension. I can't imagine playing without it now. I really believe in this product. It is like hearing fm radio for the first time after listening to an unclear channel on an a.m. pocket radio."
    Tommy White
    “The STEEL GUITAR BLACK BOX” is one of the greatest pieces of gear to come along for steel guitar in a long time. With the BLACK BOX, I can get the power and punch from my solid state amps, and enjoy the warmth and tube sound like that of a vintage tube amp.”
    Mike Johnson
    "SWEET, SMOOTH, and WARMTH with a SUPERIOR CHILL FACTOR" were the terms used to describe the sound of my guitar... I also have a Martin D-35 with a Fishman Matrix pickup, and the Martin sounds like "buttah" through the "Black Box" ... You're definitely right when you say the guitar sounds like wood and strings and NOT like a pickup when the "Black Box" is used... Thanks!!!"
    Mike Retzinger
    "I'm loving the Black Box!"
    Marcus Rezak
    Adam Long
    Andy Ploof
    Bill Nershi
    Bob Weir
    Brendan Bayliss
    Buddy Miller
    Carl Broemel
    Chris Sandell (Dozin)
    Dan Eubanks
    Darryl Scott
    David Mansfield
    Dean Parks
    Evan Howard
    Hank Singer
    Jake Cinninger
    Javier Mendoza
    Jay Farrar
    Jim Campilongo
    Joe Stickley
    John Zias
    Johnny Cox
    Kate Moore
    Kim Person
    Linda Taylor
    Marcus Rezak
    Mark Bilyeu
    Mark Karan
    Mark Spencer
    Michael Kang
    Mike Auldridge
    Mike Dillon
    Mike Gordon
    Molly Healy
    Paul Kogut
    Red Pill Studio
    Rob Wasserman
    Roger Koenigseder
    Russ Hicks
    Rusty Young
    Scott Walker
    Steve Kimock
    Tift Merritt
    Todd Mosby
    Trevor Exter... and many, many more!
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